Thursday, October 02, 2008

Blogging the disaster?

I'm starting my Palin Bingo with a big X right over Sarah's face.

I wonder if that was intentional? ;-)

I've got the card with the word evil in the top left hand corner.

She starts out aggressive.

He's going to stay with full names; she's already asked if she can call him Joe.

Federal government hasn't provided sound oversight? (Palin) That sounds like regulation. Aren't Republicans against regulation?

New & different? McCain? When did he become the reform candidate?

Don't live outside our means? Oh, like the Bush administration? Can you say deficit? Can you spell deficit?

Barack Obama wanted to increase taxes on someone making $42,000? WRONG!

Go Biden! McCain voted the same exact way.

"I'm not going to answer the questions . . ." Nope, you're sure not.

"Fairness. Simple fairness." I'm watching CNN and those Ohioans with their little meters sure like that.

He wasn't talking about the middle class when he said that it was patriotic for the rich to start bearing their burden to help the American economy.

It's fairness, not distribution. 95% of the small business owners make less than $250,000/year.

Nice, Joe. The ultimate bridge to nowhere. Way to nail it on taxing employer provided health care benefits.

The oil that they're extracting in Alaska is benefiting the Alaskans but costing the rest of us Americans more.

Way to get her back on topic, Gwen. She still didn't answer it (I haven't made many promises in 5 weeks?)

Windfall profits tax? How Republican is that?

"Made aware now to Americans?"

Please, McCain brought the campaign into the economic crisis and derailed the compromise.

We are so not going to get energy independence by encouraging more usage of fossil fuels.

I don't want to argue about the causes? Then how do you deal with the impacts?

Other countries don't care as much about the climate as us??? Can you say Kyoto?

"If you don't understand the causes, it's virtually impossible to come up with solutions."

Safe to drill?

Oh, here we go. Same sex benefits? How's she going to deal with this one?

As far as I heard, Biden doesn't want to change the definition of marriage to only between one man and one woman. Palin thinks marriage should be defined as only between one woman and one man.

Bingo! National Guard put me over (although I have to admit that I checked job creation because Palin said create jobs about a dozen times.)\

McCain wrong, Obama right.

Hobson's choice - nuclear Iran vs unstable Pakistan?

Right. Iraq is not the site of the central war on terror.

It's nu-cle-ar, not nu-cu-lar!!!!!!

Ugggghhh! She said again, and again.

Listen to your friends and allies. Good advice, Joe.

After 5 years, even Bush understands that you have to talk to your enemies like North Korea.

But McCain won't talk to Spain?

Past is prologue! Yes. I haven't heard how McCain's policy is going to be different from George Bush's. Amen.

Ok, that's enough reason to vote against her right there. It's not nu-cu-lar.

How the hell are you going to surge in Afghanistan AND Iraq? With what troops?

Commanding general in Afghanistan said today that the surge principal will not work in Afghanistan. More money spent in 3 weeks in Iraq than in 7 years in Afghanistan?

Biden says nu-cle-ar.

McCain thinks it's mission accomplished in Afghanistan.

Bosniacs? I think they're Bosnians.**

Like the bridge? You voted for it and then you were against it?

So Alaska is like the musicians who wouldn't play Sun City during South Africa's apartheid. Biden wants to send troops to Darfur while Palin wants to pull out a few million dollars in investments?

Wait, what war did McCain win?? Wasn't he in Vietnam? Did I miss something? Did we win in Vietnam?

God forbid some racist assassinates Obama . . .

But God forbid even more that McCain doesn't complete his term.

Pound it home, Joe. McCain = Bush. We can't afford eight more years.

Let's look ahead? We are. We see more of the same.

Yeah, your education was a little bit lax!

What the hell is she reading? Why does she keep looking down while answering the question about whether the Vice President is part of the Executive Branch.

Biden - "Vice President Cheney has been the most dangerous vice president in this nation's history." Amen.

Nice point to the Constitution to rebut Cheney's "bizarre" claim that the Vice President is part of the legislative branch.

A good ticket? McCain/Palin? Gag.

Yeah, Sarah, you've never had to deal with what Biden has had to deal with when it comes to family and tragedy.

Sarah, that's not the question. Have you ever changed your opinion or views? Biden's was pretty lame but at least he acknowledged a circumstance where he changed his views. Palin's moral certitude is scarily similar to Bush's.

I like that. Don't question their motives, question their judgment.

She seems so rehearsed and he seems so sincere.

Oh, I'm so glad it's over. (that applies for both me and Sarah.)

What sucks is that expectations were so low for Sarah that she didn't really have to do anything to meet them.

(**It turns out that they're both Bosniaks and Bosnians, Bosniaks being a subset population of Bosnia.)

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