Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I've Loved you for so Long

Another film brought to Aspen by the Aspen Filmfest, I've Loved You for So Long is a tour de force for Kristin Scott Thomas (whom I also saw recently in Tell No One).

Juliette (Kristin Scott Thomas) reappears in her sister Lea's life and moves into her home as a virtually silent, remote, complete stranger. Lea wants nothing more than to reconnect with Juliette while Juliette wants nothing more than to be left alone. Hanging between them is some unspeakable event which sets Lea's husband completely on edge.

Scott Thomas moves through the movie virtually silently, stoically and yet amazingly emotively.

In French with subtitles, this is yet another movie which transcends national sensibilities and defies the How French! reflex.

From Aspen Filmfest's website:

French novelist and screenwriter Philippe Claudel brings intelligence and compassion to his debut feature about two sisters, divided long ago by a shocking tragedy, who are searching to find closure on the past and forge a new life together. Kristin Scott Thomas (The Other Boleyn Girl, The English Patient) gives a sensational performance as the mysteriously aloof Juliette, whose move into sister Léa’s house in their French hometown sets off a journey toward redemption. Though Léa (Elsa Zylberstein), her husband Luc and their friends hesitate, Léa’s two adopted daughters take an immediate liking to their newfound aunt. As secrets are revealed, piecing together Juliette’s past bit by suspenseful bit, the two sisters slowly rebuild a bond of trust that was destroyed fifteen years earlier. A critical and box office hit in France, I’ve Loved You So Long explores the terrain of forgiveness to utterly engrossing effect. (France/Germany, 2008, 117 min. Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics)

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