Saturday, October 18, 2008


Saturday, October 18, 2008, 8:07 pm

We visited a bit with Lila yesterday morning, then headed out of Prescott at about 10 am. Drove to Arcosanti where we toured Paolo Soleri's visionary arcology. Lots of promise and forward thinking ideas but so far (since the 70s) little actual follow-thru or pay-off. Lots of concrete and granola heads . . .

Motored on through Phoenix and Tucson and onto Bisbee. Got here at 5:30 pm. Lovely little apartment at Audrey's Inn, #203. Dated decor with lots of pastels but spacious with upstairs living room and full kitchen and downstairs bedroom with king sized bed and bathroom. Wandered Bisbee & dinner at the Bisbee Grille.

This morning, up for the Stair Climb. Steve raced and I walked. He came in 273 at 50:37 minutes and I was 923 at 1:29:32. Steve also did the Ice Man in 36:12 seconds. Had lunch here in our unit, then wandered about some more. Drinks at the Copper Queen with the riff raff, then an absolutely wonderful dinner at Cafe Roka. If there's a heaven, that's what it tastes like. Sea bass special with scallops, sweet potato & yellow squash soup, salad with kalamata olive vinaigrette. So good!

Bisbee's interesting. There's a huge riff raff population, hard drinking, hard smoking. But then we go to Cafe Roka where there's a much more refined crowd. Freaky still, to be sure, but a crowd with which my comfort level is dramatically increased.

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