Sunday, December 28, 2008

Well, that's one way to do it

We live a pretty pedestrian friendly life. I work one mile from my house, Steve's job is about 3 miles from the house. Aspen has an extensive free bus system that'll take us just about anywhere we want to go.

I want to sell the car. Steve and Rachel, not so much.

Steve says I'd regret it. I'm not so sure.

On September 22, in a effort to compromise, we started to store the car keys a mile away from the car. We wanted to cut down on the number of times that we drove simply because we could. We did pretty well for a while but in the past few weeks, we had basically fallen back into our old habits.

Until December 17, that is.

I had a meeting downvalley so Steve went with me and we went to Costco and Target and Pier 1 and Sports Authority and City Market El Jebel.

And then, on the way home with the car chock full of packages, the battery light came on. This probably means that the alternator needs to be replaced. The owner's manual says to drive straight to your repair shop. We drove straight home instead and felt lucky to get there. See, we have experience with this little issue. The last time it happened in 2004, we had to call AAA for a tow.

Once home, we parked the car and haven't moved it since.

Now, Steve rides his bike to work and I walk or take the bus. We use the car share car when we need a vehicle.

And I still want to sell the car. But I guess we'll have to get it fixed first.

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