Wednesday, December 31, 2008


On again, off again.

Recently that's been my relationship with the great beyond. No, not the great beyond you're thinking of. I don't believe in that great beyond. I'm talking about the great beyond that's oh so much more important (!?!?!).

The internet.

It's been a bit of now you see it, now you don't.

Spent yesterday afternoon dealing with an outage that didn't directly affect me but which was my responsibility to resolve nonetheless. That one just turned out to be a faulty power strip. Hate it when that happens. Hate it worse when I have to pay $95 for a tech to come out to tell me the obvious.

In my defense, I was 20 miles away from said power strip.

Then came home, posted a couple of pics and went out. (To Explore Booksellers . . . to buy books . . . like I need more books . . . please refer to this post's title.)

Came home and ugh, no internet. Spent too much time confirming the obvious.

Got up this morning and the first thing I did (ok, well actually, the second, after turning on NPR. that's a whole 'nother junkie thing) was to recycle the wireless router and check our online status.

Up again! Sweet!

But, remember, I don't have TV. A girl's gotta get her fixes somewhere.


Susan said...

If you think of some "addictions" as rituals, that's not so bad. But wait, I'm guessing you're not a ritual kind of person.

I think something's not an addiction if when it's absent you don't go crazy and freak out. That's my standard at least.

IamMBB said...

I'll go with your definition.

Altho it may just be that I have enough addictions, that when one is unavailable, I can simply move to another.