Thursday, December 04, 2008

I'm mad at Hallmark

I like Hallmark ornaments. Over the years, I've spent a fair amount of green on Hallmark ornaments which I've then given as gifts.

Several people on my list get an ornament from me every year (whether they like it or not).

A month ago, when I was in Denver, I stopped in a Hallmark store but the display was overwhelming and 3 people were waiting for me so I bailed, thinking that I'd just order them online when I got home.

Oh no.

Hallmark is no longer selling Hallmark ornaments online.

This is a bonehead move.

According to's handy little store locator, the closest Hallmark store to my abode is in Grand Junction. Grand Junction is a 2.5 hour drive.

For ornaments? Hah!

I poked around online and the only Hallmark ornaments available are through resellers with a healthy markup. Markup, not discount. Don't they know we're in a recession? Isn't everything supposed to be on sale right now?

So I sent Hallmark the following email:

Why are ornaments no longer available online? The closest Hallmark store to me is 72+ miles away which in the mountains where I live would take me more than 2 hours to drive. I really can't justify this to buy ornaments. In the past, I've been able to buy the ornaments that I give as gifts every year directly from your website. Why no longer? The only websites I can find for the ornaments have a markup which I'll pay if I have to but I'll buy fewer ornaments and it's really a shame.

To which they helpfully responded:

Thank you for contacting Hallmark.

Thank you for looking to Hallmark to meet your gift-giving and connecting needs. Hallmark is no longer offering flower and gift items, including Keepsake Ornaments through or 1-800-HALLMARK. Please visit your local Hallmark Gold Crown store to find the perfect card and gift for any occasion. To find stores in your area, you can use our online store locator service. Just click 'Store Locator' at the top of any page.

We appreciate your thinking of Hallmark.

To which I responded:

Your response is extremely unhelpful. It's a shame that in this depressed economy Hallmark doesn't value my business.

There are no Hallmark stores in my area. My zip code is 81611. See for yourself.

To which they responded:

Thank you for contacting Hallmark.

Due to the overwhelming amount of spam we have been receiving we are no longer accepting e-mail through this channel.

You will not receive another reply to this e-mail, but we are happy to help you through our online support site where you can get the information you need quickly and easily. You can also contact us from our support site through the "E-mail Us" form once you get there.

We apologize we are unable to assist you in the way you expected.


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Susan said...

I'd be furious. Clearly they don't want to sell ornaments.