Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve

Growing up, Mom always made quiches for Christmas Eve dinner. Every year, three quiches made from scratch. (and every year, Brian's Christmas Eve dinner consisted of salad and rolls because, you know, real men . . .)

Christmas of 2004 was going to be our first Christmas not with the extended family and, in an effort to establish our own festive traditions, we decided that our annual Christmas Eve dinner would be fondues.

Yes, multiple. As in three. Cheese fondue (appetizer), meat fondue (main course) and chocolate fondue (dessert). And yes, I have three fondue sets.

My favorite is the cheese, Rachel's is the meat and Steve simply likes all three.

Basically, it's ended up that all of my siblings come to Aspen every other Christmas. The years they're here, we have ham or lasagna on Christmas Eve and the years they're not, we do fondue.

This year was a fondue year. Mom and Dad, who I'm happy to report are here this year, came over at about 4:30 pm and we fondued until approximately 8 pm when we did the Santa Claus thing.

It was grand and as you see from the above photo, there was much wreckage . . .


Susan said...

Fondue is so underrated. We had it the second night when Carlyn, and her two kids, Maisy and Cole were here. Cole, who thinks chicken nuggets are the pinnacle of gourmet delights, just loved fondue. He talked about it all the next few days.

It is tricky to eat with young kids, but if there's a table of adults with just 2 kids - separated from each other- it's quite manageable.

Susan said...

I'll have to introduce you to nabe, sort of a Japanese fondue.