Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Parental obligations

I'm not a big one for parental obligations like school performances.

Rachel knows this about me.

It's kind of a running joke with riffs about coming late, skipping out early . . .

I whine a lot.

Tonight was the Choir and Band concert.

And it actually wasn't too painful.

The band went first and while it suffers a slight bit from lack of size and while a lot of the music they played was unfamiliar to the audience so we didn't know when to clap, they did a good job. The percussionist, who got to play with all kinds of cool noise makers, was having a particularly good time.

The choir, which does not suffer from a lack of size, was very good. They mostly sang things I recognized and did quite a fine job. Rachel's an alto and with her height and light hair, she was like a beacon in the second row.

And the best part of the whole thing was that it was less than an hour long!

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