Saturday, July 03, 2010

Tuesday, 6/29/10 11 p.m. Far East International Youth Hostel Room 333

Hot.  Ok, that's enough about that.

Slept pretty well last night with an Ambien assist.  Got up this a.m. and out fairly early, early enough to see the kids on their way to school.  Walked over to Qianmen Dajie where we had breakfast at, I'm sorry to say, McDonald's.  Then, even worse, we stopped at Starbucks.  We then came back here and switched rooms, then headed to explore the hutongs after which we had lunch at . . . Starbucks.  

I then made my way to the airport by myself to pick up Suzannah.  I'm quite proud of myself for navigating there and back.  I am chagrined to report that I visited Starbucks for the fourth time in 24 hours.  Well, not really but I feel like I should be chagrined even though I'm not.

Back here for showers and reconnect with Susie then off to the Olympic Village.  We had awesome timing, arriving just before dusk and being there long enough for it to get dark and all the lights to come on.  The darkness moderated (Suzannah's word) the smog and the buildings all looked very cool.  I kept picturing Bob Costas.

A cab ride back to our neighborhood and dinner at a Uighur restaurant.  Tomorrow the Summer Palace.

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