Sunday, July 18, 2010

Friday, 7/2/10 9:22 p.m. Zheng Jia Hotel, Rm 109, Pingyao

The overnight train was tolerable.  The 5 other people in my berth were nice enough as far as I could tell (we couldn't converse but one helped me lift my suitcase to stow it).  The bunk was quite high and was close enough to the ceiling that I couldn't sit up.  I wore my earbuds and listened to my iPod all night so the snoring wasn't too bad.  I slept fitfully but did get a fair amount.

It was pretty sunny in Pingyao which made for a very hot day.  Pingyao is a remarkably old historic city only slightly marred by the tacky souvenir stands lining its streets.  There are many museums set in old buildings which start to get repetitious especially in the heat.  We walked around a bit, had lunch (once we found it) at the Lonely Planet recommended Big Noodle Bowl (Dawan Mian)
and then I had to come back to the cool to lay down.  Damn hot flashes.  Went back out for a little in the late afternoon, then back for more laying down.  Had dinner at another Lonely Planet recommended restaurant, De Ju Yuan.

Tomorrow we have a change in traveling plans.  We were to take another overnight train, this time to Jinan but all that was available was standing room.  We did buy tickets for that but in searching for other options, found that we could take a 7 hour bus so that's what we're going to try to do. 

Fingers crossed.

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