Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday, 7/9/10 10:45 p.m. Raffles Beijing Rm 7701

The Forbidden City ticket lines were a completely ridiculous zoo and combined with the heat really took it out of us.  We were also very disappointed to discover that they had replaced the excellent Roger Moore narrated audio guide with the totalitarian guide like the one we disliked so much at the Summer Palace.

So we did a bit of the quickie tour of the Forbidden City.  Too many people, too much heat. 
We did get all the way from the south end to the north end and I showed Suzannah my favorite part, the Imperial Gardens.  

We took cab (which we prevailed upon to stop illegally at the north gate) to the Temple of Heaven Park where I finally got to see the iconic Temple of Heaven

and we got a bit of peaceful park time.

A subway ride to the Silk Market where we did some damage and came away with some goodies.  We were surprised to come out of the subway to a downpour so came back to the hotel to shower and figure out dinner.  We decided to go to the Nihuge Jaoza place recommended by Lonely Planet which ended up being an excellent choice.  A walk in the rain down Wangfujing meant we accomplished all of our goals for the day, then back to the hotel to pack.
Hopefully up for a walk tomorrow am before we head off to the airport.

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