Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thursday, 7/1/10 8:45 p.m. Hard sleeper, top bunk, Cabin 12 of Car 5, overnight train from Beijing to Pingyao

Out at 7 a.m. to go to the Great Wall at Mutianyu.  Very overcast/foggy/smoggy.  No breakfast but Suzannah saved us with granola bars.  Thank god.  Opted for the cable car up which was a good move.  Started to rain which also ended being a good thing because it kept things much cooler.  No sweeping views of the serpentine wall but very atmospheric.  Went to the end which earned us a hike up and a beautiful misty vista.  Since it was slippery because of the rain, we took the cable car back down too.

Back in Beijing, we went to the Lake District where we ate at the Buffalo Club.  Kinda pricey but the lamb chops were divine.  
We opted for a 6 p.m. checkout for an extra charge so we headed back to the hostel to shower and pack up.  Suzannah and I made reservations for our return on July 8 and we caught a cab to the West Train Station.  Quite the cattle call there but because of Susie's travels in China, we knew to go to the Pay Lounge where we got to sit until our train was called and then got to board early.  Well worth the 5 yuan (~$0.75).

Sat around for an hour or so and then climbed up to our bunks 10 feet up.  We should be in Pingyao about 7:30 a.m.

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Gillion said...

Have you tried dumplings and roast ducks? They are the famous and traditional Beijing dieshes. And also bird's nest soup? Its a delicacy in China.

Enjoy your days~~~