Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Sometimes omens portend bad things.  Sometimes omens are meaningless.  Happily, last weekend was the latter.

Even before we left Aspen for Moab on Friday, we experienced a discouraging setback involving a carport and bikes on a roof rack.  I won't be saying anything more about that episode other to say that we picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off and soldiered on.

Given that we were leaving Aspen in search of spring, we experienced a second discouraging omen as we traveled west into weather much like that we had just left.  

Refusing to bow to negativity, we continued on to our hotel in Moab whereupon we were handed keys for Rm 313.  Really?

But I'm pleased to report that all of these omens, these signs, were completely innocuous.  Two warm (but not too warm), sunny (with episodically pleasing shade clouds) days, one bike ride and one hike later, we headed home having had a very nice visit with spring.

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