Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It appears that a large number of people only blog on weekdays.  I struggle for inspiration and time on the weekdays.  They must be blogging from work, about work or instead of work.  Me, I've got too much work to be able to do that.

Likewise, I get the feeling that weekends for a lot of people are computer free zones.  For me, the weekend is a great opportunity to catch up on all the 'net stuff that I've had to ignore during the week.

We've been focusing on the positive here so in that vein, I'll share with you a recent internet find, one of those guys who only posts on the weekdays, 1000 Awesome Things.  He's got some fun insights and since he's only on #521, it'll keep you occupied going backward and forward.

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Steve-O said...

Did you post this on a week day to be ironic?