Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What is that?

I'm about to expose, yet again, my lack of cred.

Unavoidable really, as I've basically never been cool.  Too nerdy to be cool.

Twice in the last 12 hours, I've seen a guy on TV lick the first two fingers of his hand and then smooth his eyebrows.  Last night, it was Finn on Glee and this morning, Jon Stewart whilst interviewing John O'Hara on Tuesday night's Daily Show.

Twice in 12 hours?  Now, I'm intrigued.  Is this some cultural reference to which I'm completely oblivious?  So I google it.

And, best that I can find, after admittedly superficial research, is that it dates back at least to Ian Ziering on 90210:

2006-06-01 01:28:04 AM
The proper way to lick one's eyebrows was shown by Steve on 90210. To do it you
* make the "hook-em" sign with your right hand
* touch the insides of those fingers to your tongue
* put your fingers up to your eyebrows closest to your nose
* push your hand to your face, splaying out your fingers and spreading the saliva

/ the more you know

I did also discover that, according to at least one source, licking your pinky and brushing it across your eyebrow in Lebanon indicates that you're a homosexual.

I'm still thinking that I'm missing something . . .

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Anonymous said...

I'm far from cool too, but this gesture seems affected and just plain weird. I'm guessing Jon Stewart did it to satirize. I realize I'm a wee bit sexist here, but a guy caring about eyebrows is just effeminate - unless it's getting rid of a unibrow.