Sunday, April 04, 2010

Just had to share

Happy Birthday, Mom!  I love you! (I am also a big fan of your genes.)  :-P Love, Rachel Bielinski (Darling Daughter)

Hey, look up! I just spelled Mom wrong.  Anyway . . . after living with Clark for 5 months and visiting a house with 5 cats, you would appreciate this card.  Plus, it's your day,  you are entitled to, you know, presents and pampering and stuff (I am sure Prince Rupert would agree).  Speaking of which, for a cat he has remarkable puppy dog eyes.  Thank you for all the fun opportunities you give me.  I love you (more than I love TV. *gasp* I know you thought that was impossible, right?)  Just so you know, you are not allowed to die.  I love you too much.  Love, Rachel <3


Although I have not been through some of these situations yet, the same sentiment applies.  You are always there for me, no matter what I do, which is good 'cause I can be really really annoying.  You always give me what I need, even and especially when what I want and what I need are 2 different things.  You have taught me so much.  I am an independent self-sufficient person because that's what you showed  by example.  I love being around you (even if you do insult my music) and I can never wait to get home and tell you about my day or the new thing I am excited about.  On that note, thank  you for listening to me babble about movies and TV and supporting my dreams.  You have always done that, made me feel that I could do anything if I worked hard enough.  You made me feel safe because you have been the one constant throughout my life.  I have never had fear that you were going to accept me, no matter what.  We are so different.  You are linear, logical and organized, whereas I am random, spastic and saying my room looks like a nuke went off is putting it nicely.  But even when I am driving you crazy, you love me and I know it.  We have a relationship that Rory and Lorelai would envy and I am so glad.  On days when the world is against me, you are on my side and that means the world.  I love the hugs you give and cuddling with you.  I love making you laugh and smile.  I love that you love me and all my glaring faults.  But most of all, I love you, all of you: your joy about weird things like the census, how good you are at answering the phone like nothing is wrong, your long brown hair, your style, your headaches and hoarding tendencies, I love it all.  I have friends who hate their mothers but they love you.  You are the best mom ever and so good to me.  I want to wish you a happy birthday and inform you that you are not allowed to die.  Without you, I would fall apart, I can't even imagine that.  Happy Birthday!!   I hope you had a great day and know there are many more to come.  Love, Rachel


rabiel said...

There are a few more of us who think you are pretty special kind of person. We hope you feel that always.
Love, YLM and Dad

Susan said...

Talk about an amazing mother and daughter! Bravo!

Maybe you should write a parenting book!

prncss722 said...


As your friend it makes me so proud to hear Rachel say this because I know you had so many struggles and wanted to have this type of relationship ALL the time with your mom. I am sure it was your sensitivities in many cases because I am sure your mom loved you unconditionally too like you love Rachel, but I am sure you worked hard to make sure you did whatever you you needed to ensure Rachel never even had those sensitivities even and knew you would love her all the days of her life. You have been her mother, father, friend, and confidante, and I and so extremely proud of you! My mom and I have this type of relationship and even at my ripe age of ** years, she is still mothering me. She kudos! I hope you enjoyed your birthday and the gift I sent. Sorry there was no gift tag, but they would not provide one. Love you always, Leah