Monday, May 10, 2010

Jeffrey's Steakhouse

When I saw the ad for Jeffrey's Steakhouse in the paper, I was excited that there might be another nice dining choice in Moab, especially after our last, not-so-good meal at Zax. I figured from the ad that they were trying to be upscale so I realized that it would probably be a bit pricier than Zax and the Moab Brewery but every once in a while that can be ok.

Only not in this situation.  It was pricier alright, it just wasn't ok.

A dry, stringy 8 oz filet for $30.  A so-so New York strip for $37.  A $6 up charge for a salad substitution that was only a $1 more on the menu.

To be fair, the calamari appetizer was good, light and crunchy with a tasty crushed tomato dipping sauce.  And the beefsteak tomato salad (the one with the $6 upcharge) was quite yummy, with a high quality balsamic vinaigrette drizzled over chunks of bleu cheese.  The decor was well done and the ambience inviting.

But the service was very slow and the food not worth the cost.


Susan said...

Seems that at this steak house you're better off with just the side dishes. Given that on top of the $30 or $37 you're also paying a 15% tip and whatever sales tax, you really should get good food.

rabiel said...

Wow!! I was there a few weeks ago and had a pork loin special which I thought was very good. Ask Steve about his.