Saturday, November 22, 2008

Past my bedtime . . .

Somehow Rachel talked Steve and me into accompanying her to the Isis to see the 6:30 pm showing of Twilight (her second time and our first). She was all sweetness and light and even cooked Steve dinner.

Then disaster struck. As Steve was showering, Rachel, getting nervous since we weren't leaving as early as she'd like, checked the ticket status on line.

Sold out.

Oh, no.

Storm clouds gathered but after a mighty effort, the front cleared fairly quickly.

Even though Steve is exhausted after having boot packed the entire day (can you walk up and down a 35 degree slope in the snow at 12,000 feet for 8 hours?), he agreed to accompany Rachel to the 9:20 pm show. Of course, I'm tagging along too.

Rachel has already bought our tickets. No backing out now . . .

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Susan said...

What good parents you are!