Thursday, November 27, 2008


As an example of Baz Luhrman's unique vision and held up to comparison with Moulin Rouge, Australia is a disappointment. As an opportunity to gaze upon the eye candy also known as Hugh Jackman, Australia delights. As a sweeping epic, Australia holds its own but never rises to the top of the heap.

Brandon Walters, the 11 year old Aboriginal novice actor who serves as the movie's narrator, absolutely steals the show. David Gulpilil, the Aboriginal actor who has been named an Australian National Treasure, projects dignity and grace throughout abominable bigotry. It was fun seeing Bryan Brown, the Australian actor I first came to like in the 1981 miniseries, A Town Like Alice, in a ruthless businessman who isn't quite that ruthless role.

Steve wasn't sure that he wanted to see Australia because he thought it looked like a typical commercial big box office film. I persuaded him to accompany us with the argument that it was a Baz Luhrman film. He was right.

But, all that being said, I told Rachel that I'd go see it again.

Here's Rachel's assessment/rebuttal.

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