Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I was crossing Main Street Sunday morning in the pedestrian cross walk. Since it was a Sunday morning in off season, there wasn't too much traffic. As I started across, on the near side, about a block away, was an Aspen police car.

I got halfway and paused, as is my wont, to assess the oncoming traffic on the far side of the street. There were a few cars in the far lane (Main Street being four lanes with a turn lane) as I continued across and the first of the three or four cars didn't stop.

This didn't bother me since he cleared me with plenty of room (like an entire traffic lane) to spare but, as evidenced by the screeching tires as he pulled a U-turn behind me, I guess the cop wasn't quite so cool with it.

He pulled the guy over.

I felt bad.

I hope he only gave the guy a warning.

**Without googling it, can you name the 1975 movie from which the above image draws its cultural reference? I couldn't and was surprised to see that it's being remade.

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