Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Blogging the election

Georgia to McCain? West Virginia to McCain. Dumbass rednecks. Oooo, that's kinda mean.

I'm amazed at the turnout here at Belly Up.

Wow, Obama leading Ohio by 56%?

I'm texting my husband and my boss, IMing my daughter, blogging, watching CNN, tracking NPR.com and CNN.com, poaching wireless and drinking in a public place. I'm living in the future.

CNN just called Ohio.

I'm starting to feel optimistic.

Obama's holding his party in public Grant Park, Daley invited the whole city. McCain's holding his party at the exclusive Biltmore. What could be more telling?

John what's his face on CNN just hypothetically gave Colorado to McCain and the crowd erupted in boos.

Such good energy here!

I just emailed my one friend in Ohio to tell him that I guess Ohio doesn't suck.

New Mexico doesn't suck either.

Utah sucks but we knew that.

Kansas still thinks the world is flat so they don't count. (hehehehe-Rachel)

Colorado is 75% against the Human Life amendment. This is a good thing.

GOP insiders say that it's over for McCain 8:04 pm MST!

Boo, Texas. What the heck is wrong with Texas?

Dana Bash has the McCain blink thing going on.

Arkansas, Mississippi, dumbass rednecks

Someone here has a tshirt that says put the black man in the white house.

This is really cool. But as Rachel says, it'so only cool 'cause we're winning.

Wow, a lot of time with no news. 8:49 pm

Obama's grandmother's vote will be counted. That's cool.

Rachel says that Anderson Cooper's hair makes him look like an anime character.

Wow, 5th consecutive election where the candidate with the better war record doesn't win?

Rachel says that CNN is good for people with ADD.

Virginia called for Obama. That puts him at 220. Add California's 55 and what do you get? 275!!!!

Barack Obama is the projected President Elect! This place is going crazy!

Yes, we can!

It's been a long time but I'm proud to be an American.

Colorado went Obama! We rock!

Look at Jesse Jackson cry!

My friends? So not.

Classy concession speech. When he wants to be, McCain can be a classy guy. But only when he wants to be.

Nice mention of Obama's grandmother.

What he's saying is good. Too bad he got lost in the campaign.

No more pretending to be Canadian when we travel overseas.

No, the failure is in your choice of Palin . . .

For all the shit he's been through, he does not look like a 72 year old.

I had this vision that with all the running around McCain has done, he was going to get elected and then drop dead on election night.

I don't know what more we could have done to win this election? Different VP!

With the difference in the electoral vote, it's amazing how close the popular vote is.

I'm so glad that Palin is not our VP.

Now the Secret Service really has to do its job! For the next 4 or 8 years.

Day after tomorrow, Rachel goes to visit her black family . . .

Rachel says Hillary is saying, I wish it was me but oh, thank god!

Oprah & Stedman in the house.

So glad to hear that the popular vote is also clear.

So where's Obama?

Wow, expectations are gonna be high. But Rachel says he's tall. And he has big feet. (as in shoes to fill)

I was wrong. Happy to be wrong. Wrong about McCain on the night of the Iowa caucus and wrong about the US's readiness to elect a black man.

Someone just asked me if Anderson Cooper was married. A friend says no, he's gay.

Oh shit, battery died. Found power!

Can you imagine? Ohmigod, my father's president of the US.

Man, does he look presidential!

Look at the bullet proof glass.

We are the UNITED States of America.

No more politics of fear.

Change had come to America. AMEN.

Nice mention of McCain's sacrifice.

Where's Biden?

Michelle, the new Jackie?

A new first puppy?

Mention of his grandmother makes me cry.

As I look at my beautiful biracial daughter, I think what a beautiful biracial president we have.

Rachel says he has Will Smith ears. Is this a compliment?


Rachel just saw one of her teachers in Grant Park.

There's Joe Biden.

I'm so glad it's VP Biden and not VP Palin.

There may be a god.

Holy shit.

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Anonymous said...

Colorado does rock! Bravo! What a great night. Yes, reality will set in as it should. Obama intimated as much but this is a time for joy!