Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Foji! - Firewalking in the Rain

Fiji! - Firewalking in the rain March 28, 2012 9:12 pm (March 28, 2012 3:12 am in Aspen) Breakfast - raisin pancakes, lunch - fusili pasta with vegetables, dinner- ceviche (although they didn't call it that) and yellow-fin tuna. Today, it pretty much rained all day, alternating between drizzle and downpours.I got a pedicure this morning and then read until lunch. After lunch, I got a massage (the back and mini facial special) and then showered in time to see the firewalking demonstration. Six villagers actually walked across and stood still on hot rocks which had been in a fire pit most of the day. As the guys were standing on the rocks, we could see the flames shooting up between the rocks.  Watched an atmospheric sunset where we couldn't see the actual sunset but could see the colors of the sunset breaking through a small opening in the clouds.  Also saw the fruit bats which are larger than the magpies (not an exaggeration) back home flying around and alighting on or really under branches where they then literally hung out before flying around some more. Two of them got in a little fight, screeching at each other and flapping around while hanging from a branch until one of them got tired of it and flew off. After dinner, Aki (the local who did the coconut weaving demonstrationa nd who emceed the firewalking demonstration) performed a kava ceremony, explaining the hierarchy of the village and passing the bowl around for every one to sample. It's a bizarre watery silty drink which does make your tongue slightly furry and numb. Kim and I snuck away as Aki was starting a second round. Once was enough for us. Glad I tried it, don't need to do it twice.  Tomorrow for the first time since I arrived, I'm actually going to need an alarm set as I'm doing a jet ski tour around the island. We leave at 8 am and will be back in time for the village tour at 2:45 pm. Hopefully, I'll still think this was a good idea in the morning.

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