Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fiji! - Show Me the Way to go Home

Fiji! - Show Me the Way to Go Home March 31, 2012 8:45 pm (March 31, 2012 2:45 am) Breakfast - apple pancakes, lunch - swordfish kebabs w/fried rice, dinner - potato gnocchi w/melted tomato We are over it. Spent the day waiting. Waiting to hear what was going on on the mainland. Waiting for the rain to stop. Waiting to hear if flights were getting out. Waiting to find out how we would get to Nadi. Waiting for websites and emails to load. The news just kept getting worse. No flights coming in. Looting and a curfew in Nadi. Flooding deaths on the mainland. Queens Road still closed and now a bridge washed out.  And yet, other than the rain, things here are fine. Some people kayaked today, some snorkeled. The spa was half price. We have power and Internet, albeit abominably slow Internet, but Internet nonetheless. Plenty of food and drink. Just lots of uncertainty.  I spent a lot of time online trying to get info and then Kim and I watched Today's Special, one of the movies I rented from iTunes. Did some crossword puzzles. And ate. And then ate again.  And again. Kim was way more active than me, going out to collect litter and then working out to an exercise DVD.  I couldn't bear to go out in the rain. We're both so tired of being wet. The plan now is to take the boat at 7 am to Pacific Harbor where we will get a bus or van shuttle to Suva where we will get a flight to Nadi where we will get a flight to LA. The obstacles are that all the flights from Suva to Nadi are booked so they are trying to arrange a charter but, as of now, still do not have one confirmed; it's still raining so who knows how long the road to Suva will stay open; and there's a moderate to high chance that this storm will develop into a cyclone (read hurricane) so we might get stranded anywhere along the way or might not even leave Beqa. We're not sure which would be worse. One of our group is planning to email the State Department to let them know we're here and ask their advice on a recommended course of action. I'm skeptical that they'll have anything useful to tell us.  Kim did arrange a little birthday celebration for me this evening after dinner which I almost spoiled by leaving early. There was a little band serenading me and a cake with a candle and a silly hat. It was very nice.  Happy Birthday to me. I guess I won't be forgetting how I spent my 50th anytime soon. 

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