Friday, March 30, 2012

Fiji! - Stranded?

Fiji! - Stranded? March 30, 2012 21:09 pm (March 30, 2012 3:09 am in Aspen) Breakfast - French toast, lunch - veggie frittata, dinner - veggie crepe Well, things are getting interesting. It rained again all night. We woke up at 4:30 am to get ready for rafting but after breakfast, as we were waiting to be told to board the boats to take us to Viti Levu (the mainland), we were told that the rafting company had called to say that the trip was canceled because the road was impassable. We were not terribly disappointed as we had spent the morning questioning why we were doing this. What we didn't fully comprehend was what an omen this was to turn out to be. I did mention that it was possible that if it kept raining the road to the airport might also close but I didn't really believe it would happen.  Silly me. After rescheduling our massages for an hour earlier, we went back to our bure and went back to sleep awaking again at about 9:45 am to pouring rain, the import of which was still failing to register. We read for a bit and then watched Hugo, by which time it was time for lunch so we headed over to the dining room. It was there that we got our first inkling that things were going awry, upon being informed that the road to the airport was out and that some of our fellow travelers who had left this morning were still stuck on this side of the flooding trying to get to Nadi. Hmmm.  Realizing that there was nothing to be done, we watched the cooking demonstration after lunch and then took short naps before our massages. The massages were the bright point of the day. I am still sore from my jet ski ride yesterday so welcomed the chance to have my sore muscles worked over. After massages, a quick shower and then dinner, preceded by a Fijian dance performance. The performance was fun but once again, the trip to the dining room brought more bad news. Now, the roads AND bridges were reported to be impassable. All incoming Air Pacific flights have been cancelled and it's forecasted to continue raining. So at this point, we really have no idea when we'll be able to leave. To top it off, the internet is abominably slow and I can't tell if any of my outgoing emails are being received. We have no phones so don't know how we're going to deal with our United flight on Sunday. Who would have thought that travel difficulties would arise, not on the Aspen end but on the Fiji end? Although I was trying mightily to have a relaxed attitude, it all became just a bit too much when I went to leave the dining room in the rain only to discover that someone had helped him or herself to my umbrella which was clearly marked with my bure number. Not wanting to compound one wrong with another, rather than taking someone else's umbrella (even though Kim and I were about the last ones there), I walked back in the rain. Could be a problem in the morning if it's still raining when it's time for breakfast. It's looking like we're going to miss the Cirque du Soleil show that we have tickets for in LA. Kim and I are ready to be home. But, hey, it's shaping up to be a memorable 50th birthday . . .

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