Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fiji! - Starfish Blue

(again with the formatting issue. To be fixed later) Fiji! - Starfish Blue March 28, 2012 8:53 am (March 27, 2012 2:53 pm in Aspen) Tuesday meals - French toast for breakfast, swordfish vermicelli noodle salad with chili dressing for lunch and wahoo with Proven├žal sauce and parmesan risotto for dinner Another day of sun worship with a couple of breaks for rain. Read Vanity Fair cover to cover before lunch. I brought a bunch of magazines, People, Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair, and on the first day, one of the staff asked me if she could have the one I was discarding so as I finish each one, I leave it on the table for her to take.  After lunch, Kim and I want for a short kayak and saw a blue starfish, some pink coral and a half dozen flying fish. They were all very cool but the last made me laugh out loud in delight. I had seen a couple of solo ones on Monday where I'd be paddling along and all of the sudden a fish would appear on the surface of the water in front of me, bouncing along like someone was skipping rocks. But yesterday, Kim must have disturbed a school of them because all of the sudden there were six or more dancing atop the water from all different directions. It was as is they were putting a show on for us. It's amazing how far they can travel on the surface and how many hops they can take. I am still having trouble paddling in a straight line and am still not sure if it's the kayak or the conditions which are giving me trouble. There were times yesterday when I was paddling on my left and the boat, rather than turning right, was making counterclockwise circles. It was confounding. As we were returning, it started to rain again which was an awesome feeling, the warm rainwater rinse.  What's nice about the rain and clouds is how quickly they pass and then it's sunny again. Not getting shortchanged in that account.  After a shower, watched another glorious sunset while enjoying a glass of wine and listening to the Bula Band at the Bula Bar before dinner. I definitely can't say that I'm not getting enough sleep as we're going to bed around 9ish each night and I'm getting up around 8 each morning.

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