Sunday, November 22, 2009


As usual, I'm late to the game but I'm making up for it with a vengeance

I checked Twitter out a while ago (December 13, 2008) and didn't quite get it.  A few of my friends were on Twitter but nobody seemed to be doing much of anything.

Didn't check back again until August 24, 2009.  Still, just didn't get it.

But then, I found Twitterberry.  Suddenly, I could tweet to and from my Blackberry.  Very cool.  Then I started following HuffingtonPost, the New York Times and Newsweek.  Breaking news came streaming into my Blackberry.  I was able to follow the Fort Hood news while sitting in the airport.

And then, I discovered Seesmic.  Now, on my desktop, I get my Facebook and Twitter feeds all in one place.  Not only that but I can follow hash topics in real time too.  All in one place.

Recently, I started following #hcr or health care reform tweets and this weekend, with the Senate debate and vote on health care reform, it all exploded.  Now, I just can't shut up.

Oh, I'm still selective on what I say and to whom I respond   I've typed many a reply that I've then canceled.  But I tweeted 32 times between December 13, 2008 and November 20, 2009 and I've tweeted 28 times in the last two days.


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