Sunday, November 08, 2009


We're in Chicago for the Columbia College Chicago Open House.  It was pretty incredible.  It's a school of 12,000 and there were 8000 people at the Open House.  They had two Welcome Sessions and, at least for the one we attended, they filled up the 4000 seat Auditorium Theater.  We then attended break out sessions in various buildings and departments.  It was a gorgeous fall day in the 60s so when we were finished with the Open House (and watching a wrecking ball doing its work), Steve and I stayed downtown to explore.

We walked along the lakefront and through Millenium Park, then headed up Michigan Avenue which was packed.  Seems like everyone decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather.  We were going to go up to the Signature Room in the John Hancock Building but the line was a deterrent.

Instead we headed up Rush Street, stopping at Butch McGuire's for a drink and to scope out the Xmas decorations, after which we headed back down to Ra Sushi for dinner.  Very tasty.

We then hustled on foot back down to Union Station and missed our train by 2 minutes.  Ugh.  Since the next train wasn't for 2 hours, at Mom's suggestion, we walked back to the subway.  Our ride to Howard was punctuated with the theater of the streets, a yelling match between a racist white ass and two loud attitudinal black girls.  The rest of the crowded late night subway car looked on in skeptical amusement.

Dad was a knight in shining armor, coming out after midnight to pick us up at the Linden Ave Station in Evanston.

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