Saturday, September 06, 2008

Thoughts on the McCain speeches

Thoughts on Cindy:

She's definitely not a natural speaker.

Why didn't the video mention Cindy's relationship with her mother?

Why does Cindy only talk about her father and not her mother?

"I have loved him for over thirty years", ever since he left his first wife for me.


"You can't win an occupation."

"McCain votes against vets."

Love the protestors.

Cindy's concern for children born into poverty and with birth defects as long as they aren't Americans.

Roberta's lookin' awfully good for a 96 year old.

Much more conciliatory and unifying than Lieberman, Romney & Huckabee but does he speak for the rest of the Republicans?

Any willing patriot? Is that a reference to Bush's position that if you're against him, you're not a patriot?

"Americans want us to stop yelling at each other." Yes, we do.

Man, I really don't like it when Sarah Palin wears her hair up.

She's done all those things and she's your Achilles heel, too.

Instead of introducing her to Washington, hopefully's she's just going back to Alaska to fade into obscurity.

"I work for you." I have to admit that it's that attitude that makes McCain the most palatable Republican I've seen in years.

It's a shame 'cause I feel like I might even be able to tolerate McCain but Palin? Not.

"I'd rather lose an election than lose a war." But define winning. What the heck are we looking for in Iraq?

'What you fight for is the real test." But what are we fighting for in Iraq? What?

"We lost their trust." Yes, you did. And although McCain is not walking the partisan line, the rest of his party still is, based on his fellow Republicans' speeches in the last couple of days.

" . . . and the Latina daughter of migrant workers. We're all Americans." Rather weak applause on that one.

Ugh, I can't stand the hypocrisy of the choices theme. We give you more choices, except for in your personal decisions. We're going to tell you what you can do with your body. Bristol got to make a choice but, if it's up to the Republicans, your daughter won't be able to.

Cutting the business taxes? But how are you going to pay for it? Increase the deficit. Borrow from future generations.

Failed programs. Give me one example, please. Just one specific. Don't get me wrong. I think they're out there. I'm just not sure that the Republicans and I agree on what they are.

But, you know, I'm not sure I disagree with the school choice issue. Probably borne out of my days in parochial school. I remember going to school on a Saturday in the '70s for a school vouchers demonstration.

"We'll encourage alternative fuels." How? By simply saying that they're a good idea? Not enough.

"Georgians need our prayers." Our prayers, but not our support?

It's like he's not on message with the rest of the Republicans. They're all about the partisan rancor.

"I'm not running for president because I think I'm blessed with such personal greatness that history has anointed me to save our country in our hour of need."

You can carry a sign calling him a maverick but you have to learn how to spell it first.

Umm, the Republicans' balloons are great but I have to say I liked the Dems' fireworks better.

Now, why would you use Heart's song, Barracuda, again when they had already asked you not to? Arrogance?


Anonymous said...

So many good points here. One of the many that stick in my mind is: Does he speak for the rest of the Republicans?

Given that most were so divisive, smug and just ubly in tone, I'd say not. Overall the Republicans seem to encourage venomous hatred and distain of those with other view points.

On the abortion issue, will Pro-lifers ever see that our laws do not force women to get abortions? Thus they can provail through positive means and focus their energies on achieving their goals in a free(-ish) society without repealinging Roe v. Wade.

Seems Republicans encourage "one issue" voting.

Anonymous said...

that should be "just ugly in tone." I never said I typed well.