Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Blogging the Elephant

Didn't really get to see Romney's speech but listened to it on NPR in the car so can't really comment on his individual points but can say that I found it to be full of offensive hyperbole, hate and fearmongering.

Huckabee's a bit better but still . . .

he's for less government except for when it comes to what you do in your bedroom, who you love or what you do with your body.

more votes in Wasilla than Biden got in the primaries? What the heck does that have to do with Biden's experience?

What? What a ridiculous story about the teacher and the desks. Now, I have no problem with respecting and honoring our service men and women but to basically torture a bunch of school kids for an entire day for an answer that they couldn't have known? What do you have to do to earn a desk? The answer is that you can't earn a desk? Yuck.

Linda Lingle: Obama & Biden have no executive experience? Neither does McCain! You know, in Aspen, we have a city manager who handles all the daily executive duties. The mayor is basically another city council member who has a few additional figurehead duties. A little googling tells me that, a mayor, Palin had to hire an administrator and was faced with a recall campaign.

And where did they get the 10,000 number for the population of Wasilla? 2000 Census had it at 5649 and the 2005 Census Bureau estimate has it at 8471.

Guiliani: the people of America get to decide and that's why the Republicans just might win. Although, really the people don't get to decide. Didn't Gore win the popular vote?

Who would you hire? Honestly, I'd hire the younger man. I wouldn't hire the 72 year old.

Guiliani is really hitting Obama where he's weakest, on the experience issue. I actually can't and don't disagree with much of what he's saying about Obama's experience. That's a hard argument to refute.

Drill baby drill? How shortsighted is that?

We're not on offense against terrorism! We're stretched too thin, fighting the wrong enemy. The terrorists are gaining ground in Afghanistan, Pakistan . . .

Wow, an image of Manhattan behind Guiliani. That's pathetic . . .

Moral equivalency? They are both responsible for the situation, the Georgians and the Russians, the Israelis and the Palestinians.

So much distortion.

I think he's running over.

Palin: better hair today. (oh, is that catty?)

Profile in Courage? Nice linkage.

She does have that going for her. You can't say that she's not sending one of her own there. Of course, so is Biden.

The little girl's cute. No way is Bristol standing up.

Being proud of America isn't the same thing as being proud of our wrongheaded chief executive.

I can't wait to see her in a debate against Biden. Wonder if she'll be so smug then.

Is this a protester being pushed out?

McCain has his fair share of once talking bad about people he's now cozying up to.

Govern in good will? There hasn't been much good will tonight.

Oy, she rubs me the wrong way. I'm reading online about her attempts to ban books, teach creationism . .

We've got lots of both? Nothing at all? Isn't it worse to encourage continued reliance on carbon fuels.

I'm watching CNN and I wish the director would fix the contrast. Oh wait, there we go.

Victory? What is victory in Iraq?

Cause healing the planet's a bad thing?

Increase government? More than Bush has?

So she's against reading arrestees their rights? Oh that's right, we don't believe in innocent until proven guilty. More attacks on civil liberties.

Increasing taxes on incomes of $250,000/yr. Her sister makes more than that at the gas station? The coal miner, the farmer makes more than that? says that last night's speeches seriously distorted the claims about Obama's tax increases. Sounds like she's continuing the distortion tonight.

More partisanship and division. How the hell do they expect to govern when they are so offensive? But this sort of behavior seems to be why they win. Appealing to the lowest common denominator.

I don't remember the Dems being so overblown and negative last week.

This is so depressing.

Note: interesting letter from a citizen of Wasilla about Palin's time as mayor is posted here.

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Anonymous said...

The Republicans were depressing and maddening. Little respect or dignity. Huckabee seems like a nicer Republican, but the anecdote about the teacher who made the students earn their desks. She just used a gimmick, and a silly one at that. Use that time to teach the subject. We actually have a right to education it's not something one must "earn".

Dallas Willard writes at length about the difference between having to earn something (ie salvation) and having to put forth effort to get it. That's true of education.

I digressed. My point is the Republicans, again, are appealing to our basest elements. Obama shoots for our highest. I'd rather go with that and be disappointed (a little) than stick with division and hate.

How many will agree?