Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Just gotta say

Rachel asked me this evening who I thought was going to win the election.

Not who I wanted to win but who I thought was going to win.

And I had to answer right away.

Now remember, the night of the Iowa caucus, my gut was telling me, completely unbidden, that McCain was going to be the next president.

This, when McCain wasn't even in the running.

But tonight, my answer was that I'm feeling a lot better about Obama's chances.

Rachel asked, "Because of his speech during the convention?"

No, because of McCain's choice of running mate.

And Rachel, my 16 year old, went off. As should be expected and for obvious reasons, Palin is quite the topic of conversation in the high school and none of it favorable.

The Palin issue has stolen so much attention from McCain. What he hoped would be a diversion from Obama and the Democratic National Convention has turned out to be a diversion from himself and the Republican National Convention.

McCain was trying to appeal to Hillary's supporters at the same time he was alienating them.

Six years ago she was Mick Ireland (the current mayor of Aspen, a city of only 2000 people fewer than Wasilla, AK). The whole thing just makes me shake my head.

For a mother to choose to put herself and her daughter in the spotlight given her daughter's situation is a questionable decision. As Rachel pointed out to me today, the insistence on teaching abstinence is scientifically idiotic. The claim that Palin has foreign policy experience because Alaska is near Russia is ludicrous. The thought that this woman is our go to person in the case of McCain's untimely demise (could you really call it untimely?) is scary (but reminds me of Geena Davis in Commander in Chief, except that I like Geena Davis).

We didn't get Hillary but we got Sarah?


Susan said...

Amen. I can't get over a parent sacrificing her child's privacy for her own career. If she's half as smart as the Republicans claim, she'd realize that she would not be good for the ticket or for the party.

It is a gift to the Dems. If the Republicans couldn't pick better than this, they should not win.

Susan said...

I can't wait to hear your take on this week's speeches. My convention coverage isn't complete without them.

Yet, Thompson's speech, with its venomous rhetoric on the imagined evil Democrats or liberals, made me sick and I had to stop watching.

Leah said...

I just hope the Dems do not mess things up and because she is a woman will not attack her in a judicious, but necessary way. If they allow her and the Republicans to take off from the bump they already have from their convention, then they can possibly win this. I am afraid. Imagine her at the helm if something were to happen.

It is a gift for the Dems, but will they take full advantage of the gift or allow it to take over their campaign. By allowing her daughter to be thrown into the frey, they also allowed that twit of a baby daddy to also be at the forefront, and no one care. I was watching Bill Maher over the weekend and they were saying if Obama's daughter was pregnant by a thug (because her daughter's boyfriend is a redneck - as he claimed on his myspace page), then the people would not be as accepting. Additionally, they must have asked him to sanitize his myspace page because the information about him calling himself a "f**ing redneck" was gone as was the information about him not wanting a baby. What a gift he is as well...But Obama said he wants to keep the children out of the race (at least attacking them), but I guess the mother did not care about that, she seems quite ambitious and I am sure she could not pass it up. For all those men who consider her sexy, when you see McCain looking at her, he is almost salivating.

I can see why they are not allowing her to go alone on the campaign trail, because they are afraid of what she might say. But she is going to have to get her feet wet at some point, I guess they are trying to be strategic so she does not mess up things too much this far away from the election. Let's see what the Dems are prepared to do to win this thing!

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