Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Have I ever mentioned

that I'm a freak?

It's simply silly how excited I am that I got my census form today.

Rachel started telling me about some celebrity who did a PSA for completing the census.  I don't need any PSA.  

I want to be counted.

I completed the census in approximately 45 seconds and then wondered where my sticker is.  I think there should be a sticker for completing the census like there is for voting. 

Rachel says there might be some website online where I can register for a census sticker.  I'm going to go check.  Right now.


Anonymous said...

Did you check? You're not the only geek. I called to see about working the census and wish I could complete a form.

IamMBB said...

There are stickers available which reference the take 10 in 2010 theme but it's actually a .pdf file which you download and then print on Avery labels to make your own stickers. I won't be going to all that trouble.