Thursday, August 27, 2009

Appropriately appreciative?

People amaze me.

I was at the airport early this morning, turning travel vouchers into tickets to Chicago for Columbia College's open house in November ($260.40 round trip! That's crazy!).

Anyhow, while I was standing at the ticket counter, waiting for the fare to be restored (it had increased $130 overnight but United was honoring the original fare), I was fascinated by the number of people showing up less than 15 minutes before their flights, expecting to make their plane. Not only make their plane (without having checked in online) but also to be able to check bags.

Granted, the Aspen airport is really small and you can cut it close but not that close! These people seemed genuinely surprised that they weren't going to be allowed on their scheduled flights.

I left, having accomplished my goal, not envying the ticket agents in the least.

I, however, was in the enviable position of having made a trip to the airport, ticketed an itinerary (waiting for an adjustment) and made it back into town, all in about 20 minutes. Beat that, Ohare!

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Anonymous said...

O'Hare can't. Probably never could.

And yes, these folks are deluded.