Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Colorado Town Hall

I just submitted my request for two tickets to Obama's Colorado Town Hall on Saturday, 8/14/09 in Grand Junction. I'll know tomorrow afternoon if I got selected . . .

Grand Junction, Colorado Town Hall

Thank you for your interest in attending a Town Hall with President Barack Obama in Grand Junction, Colorado on Saturday, August 15th at 4:15 pm.

Due to limited space at the event we will only be able to fulfill a limited number of requests for tickets. Please note that filling out this form DOES NOT guarantee a ticket to this event. Filling out this form qualifies you to be selected for a ticket.

Doors for the event will open at 1:45 pm. The event location and further details will be given to those individuals who are selected to pick-up tickets.

At 12:00 pm on Thursday, August 13th, when the online sign-up has expired, a limited number of individuals will be selected and contacted regarding ticket pick-up information. Each individual selected will have the opportunity to pick up a maximum of TWO tickets.

Please note that the White House will not be able to respond to all requests for tickets. You will only receive a call if you are selected to pick up a ticket.

Because of space limitations we will not be able to accommodate all interested parties.

This form will be available until 12:00 PM Mountain Time, Thursday, the 13th.


Thank you for submitting your information. You will be contacted only if you are randomly chosen to receive a ticket. At that time, we will give you information regarding how to pick up your tickets and attend the event.

Tickets are not for sale.

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Susan said...

I hope you get to go. I've got a friend in Montana and I hope she's signed up too.