Sunday, July 19, 2009

This feels like bragging . . .

States Visited - 43 (44 if you count DC)

This is an easy one. Again, you're tagged only if you want to be.

Put an X by the states you have been to. The average is 8; how do you match up?

Should you choose to play, here's what you do:

Copy my note. Click on “notes” under tabs on your profile page. Select "write a new note" in the top right corner. Paste the copy in the body of the note. Delete my Xs and add your own. Change the number at the top, and add your title. Once you've saved, don't forget to tag friends (including me) on the right. Tag the same # of people as the # of states you've been to. Just for fun, put an O beside the states where you have lived.

Alabama - X
Alaska -
Arizona - X
Arkansas -
California - X
Colorado - X O
Connecticut - X
Delaware - X
Florida - X O
Georgia - X
Hawaii - X
Idaho -X
Illinois - X O
Indiana - X
Iowa - X
Kansas -X
Kentucky - X
Louisiana - X
Maine -
Maryland - X O
Massachusetts - X
Michigan - X
Minnesota - X
Mississippi - X
Missouri - X
Montana -X
Nebraska - X
Nevada - X
New Hampshire -
New Jersey - X
New Mexico - X
New York - X
North Carolina - X
North Dakota -
Ohio - X
Oklahoma - X
Oregon -
Pennsylvania - X
Rhode Island - X
South Carolina - X
South Dakota - X
Tennessee - X
Texas - X
Utah - X
Vermont -
Virginia - X
Washington - X
Washington DC - X O
West Virginia - X
Wisconsin - X
Wyoming - X

1 comment:

Eric Wittenberg said...

31 for me, living in three.