Monday, July 13, 2009

The Museum at Bethel Woods


We want to go back.

Bethel isn't really close to anything so it took us a while to get there from Woodstock (1.5 hours) and it took us a while to get from there to the Albany airport (2.5 hours).

Accordingly, we only had a little less than 2 hours in the museum. That wasn't nearly enough.

The museum is well thought out with exhibits about the culture in the country leading up to the summer of 1969, exhibits about the planning stages of the Woodstock Festival and exhibits about the festival itself.

It was fascinating.

Rachel and I knew hardly anything about Woodstock and each piece of information was a revelation. The whole thing was intoxicating.

It was also very cool walking around the field where the stage was, standing there comparing a photo of the field from the weekend of August 15, 1969 with the empty field sprawling in front of us and chatting with the "docent," a tattooed rocker who had actually been there and kept using the collective pronouns, "that's where we did such and such . . . our most common injury was . . ., etc."

We're so glad we went out of our way to see it all. What an added bonus to a fun weekend.

We're looking forward to seeing the movie, Taking Woodstock, when it's released next month. Rachel's already finished the book (which we purchased on Saturday).

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Further. That's what it said on the front of Ken Kesey's bus.