Monday, June 22, 2009

The Year of the Meatball

Food & Wine was excellent as always but there was a slightly toned down vibe. Not to say there wasn't excess. It is Aspen, after all.

But the event which usually sells out in March still had tickets available at kick off and was selling day passes for the first time since in more than 10 years. The PR people were spinning like crazy, calling it a "soft" sell out. The schedule was pared back, with at least one, if not two, fewer seminars. And the Grand Tasting pavilions weren't quite as crowded, either with vendors or with patrons. The food during the Grand Tastings wasn't as over the top either, although it's amazing how high end a good chef can make mac 'n cheese taste. No caviar this year but still, tenderloin, scallops, shrimp, tuna, lamb, ribs, Korean bibimbap, pot stickers, paella, prosciutto, Thai food, shrimp po' boys, and meatballs. Lots of exquisitely seasoned, tender meatballs of all persuasions.

And the wines. Yum! I, who doesn't like chardonnay, fell in love with a $150 a bottle chardonnay from Evening Land Vineyards, their Oregon Seven Springs Chardonnay. And of course, I found the Destination Riesling tables (yes, plural) and sampled all 15 or so rieslings. Selbach-Oster!

The Seyval Blanc that Brian Duncan served on Sunday morning is my best new find. Always nice to have a tasty alternative when I can't find a Riesling on the menu.

I managed to pace myself quite well during all the Grand Tastings until Sunday when I quite lost control. Steve had to come get me (or I wouldn't have been able to find my house) and I had to go home and pass out at, like, 1 in the afternoon.

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Susan said...

Did you volunteer this year or just buy a ticket?