Saturday, April 25, 2009

Santa Barbara Idyll

Basically spent the day hanging out. The boys went for a road ride with Cielo Velo while I puttered. I did venture into Santa Barbara to visit AAA to obtain TourBooks. It would have been nice to have had them all along as they make finding pet friendly lodging much less stressful but these are the downsides to traveling spontaneously. At least, we'll have them for our last couple of nights.

The weather had cleared last night so we spent the afternoon sitting outside reading. Beautiful spot up here at Rancho Tres Gatitos on Shepard Mesa above Carpinteria.

I also helped Rachel get ready for prom from 970 miles away. She had been ambivalent about attending which is why after much back and forth, I did not fly home yesterday or today. But when the time came, she decided to attend. She got herself ready and sent me pictures of her progress for feedback. I accompanied her via telephone right up to the door and sent her in with love and pride. She called me when she got home and the consensus was that while it all seemed much ado about nothing, she was glad she went. She learned that people make prom way too stressful so next year, she'll treat it like just another dance; she learned that if prom starts at 8 pm, she shouldn't leave the house until at least 8:15 pm.

Mexican take out and a Lakers playoff game with Michael, Monty, Jeffrey, Siena and Steve finished out the day.

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