Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Salvage work

What to do when you cancel your trip but you still have vacation time booked?

Go back to work? Hmmm.

Check other destinations? Cabo or PV, $300 RT from Denver. Possible. (Begs the question: why can I fly to Cabo tomorrow for $300 but it's >$1000 to rebook to Maui?)

Road trip? Never been to Mesa Verde. Las Vegas is within striking distance. A play in Denver? Just get in the car and drive?

Or just spend two days wallowing. Yeah, that's it. (but, in my defense, it turns out that I'm sick too. Same damn virus that's been making the rounds among all my co-workers. I think my closing week parties lowered my normally bomber resistance. Of course, I'd much rather be sick laying on a beach in Maui.)


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