Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shuffle and Repeat

Very much looking forward to KT Tunstall's return to BellyUp Aspen at the end of next month. 

In anticipation of which I have my KT Tunstall playlist on shuffle and repeat. 

Great review of Madame Trudeaux off her newest album, Tiger Suit, on NPR's website. I particularly like "it stomps and rolls with glammy antagonism, and Tunstall gnashes through it with a candy-coated sneer."

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flask said...

a handful of years ago i was sitting at a concert and happened to be seated next to a pleasant older gentleman and we were talking about trombone choirs and all manner of concert varieties and the lives of musicians and he mentioned a niece of his who had been working in relative obscurity, but had recently had some popularity with one of her songs, and he remarked on how a thing like that changes a person's life and she was unsure of how things were going to be for her.

he said he hadn't heard the new songs, but that she had a nice voice and most of her songs were pretty good. this one had something to do with a cherry tree? and a black horse?

he seemed surprised when i said i thought i knew which song he meant, and even more surprised when i could name his niece.

it was a fun moment.