Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday, 6/27/10, 9:14 am, ORD

Yesterday evening's Denver storms are now this morning's Chicago storms. I wonder if they'll delay me again. They did make for fabulous rainbows and sun dogs, even a double rainbow, as we were landing in Denver.

It's continually amazing how much better first class passengers are treated. In first class coming out of Aspen, a woman was encouraged to seat belt her extra bag in the seat next to her. In coach, on a later flight, I wasn't allowed to board until I "consolidated" my food purchase into my "small personal item." This was in Las Vegas and the gate agent was positively getting off on preventing people from boarding by requiring them to consolidate their carry-ons before she'd let them on the plane but then yelling at them for being in the way and blocking the aisle while they followed her instructions. A sad little person in a sad little place.

The Red Carpet Lounge in Ohare has been very nice. Disappointing only in that there are no couches and in that the food choices are meager. The Asiana lounge in Seoul had a much wider selection.

16 hours down, 16 hours to go.

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What's a sun dog?